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The post-pandemic era and the advancement of digital tools have led to the normalization of a hybrid-type classroom experience. Educators are finding ways to combine flexibility and learning objectives through an environment known as “blended learning,” which combines in-person education with an online approach for an enhanced learning experience.

So, what exactly are the benefits of blended learning, and how can schools use it to accelerate student performance? Here, we’ll uncover blended learning programs by discussing how they benefit institutions and students.

What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning combines in-person and online learning to establish an integrated and personalized academic experience to help students succeed academically, whether remote or in-person. In a blended program, an instructor still educates students in a classroom setting, allowing them to complete some of their learning online. Students must have access to electronic devices and systems such as computers, digitized reading materials (eBooks), learning management systems, etc.

There are two approaches to blended learning programs:

  • Face-to-Face Driver: Under this approach, a teacher monitors students both in-person and online, facilitating a controlled educational environment.
  • Rotational Setting: With a rotational setting, students split up into groups as instructors guide them through the daily materials. This can be a solid method if you want to facilitate a teamwork environment.

8 Advantages of Blended Learning

Why is blended learning important? The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the change in how we do business, interact with others, and learn. Once we experience the increased flexibility of incorporating online learning more consistently and strategically, it’s hard to go back to the old way of doing things.

In addition, educators can leverage several benefits of a blended learning approach.

  1. Facilitates Engagement
    One of the most critical blended learning benefits is how it can improve engagement rates. Students gain access to distinct and useful materials, such as digital tools, instructional videos, and learning management systems. With several tools and resources available, students can become more engaged with their peers in a productive learning environment.
  2. Provides a Personalized Learning Experience
    Great instructors understand that students learn differently. Some students are visual learners, who absorb information better through visual mediums like charts and graphs, while others are auditory learners, meaning they listen and interpret information. With blended learning, you can combine multiple learning methods into one cohesive educational experience. For example, students who prefer visual aids can take advantage of self-paced online presentations, while those who prefer lectures can attend classes.
  3. Reveals Insights Through Data Assessments
    You can take advantage of a blended learning approach by accessing software tools that assess student performance, attendance, and engagement rates. For example, real-time tracking solutions can help instructors understand how engaged each student is with the material. These insights provide data to guide decisions, like adjusting curriculum to help struggling students. Luckily, you don’t have to look far for user-friendly software tools that facilitate assessment tracking. Check out our student mobile app and see how you can streamline student attendance.
  4. Allows Students to Control their Learning
    With blended learning, online attendees control their learning experience. They can access what they need when they need it.
    Here’s an example: a student whose schedule doesn’t allow them to go to class can participate through online learning so they can keep up with the demands of their class. For students, this means greater flexibility. For post-secondary schools like yours, this means enhanced student performance that reflects well on your program.
  5. Reduces Costs
    A quality education can get expensive, which is an even bigger factor when your students have tight finances. Blended learning can reduce travel costs or time away from work because e-learning can fit around a work schedule.
  6. Establishes a Safe Setting
    The post-pandemic period has ushered in a new era where extra precautions are necessary to keep others safe. You can maintain health and safety without compromising a quality education by providing students with an online learning setting. This doesn’t mean you have to switch to online learning completely, but rather, it means you can use online programs to minimize health-related problems that could disrupt your school.
  7. Increases Student Enjoyment
    Blended learning can empower students to take more ownership over their education–how they learn, when they learn, and their preferred way of engaging with the material, instructor, and classmates. Instructors can use face-to-face time, whether in-person or online, to facilitate discussion, comprehension, and group collaboration, rather than wasting time on copying or reading materials.
  8. Automates Repetitive Tasks
    Teachers spend a lot of time preparing for in-person lessons and attending to administrative tasks. One advantage of a blended learning program is automating repetitive tasks like taking attendance or even grading exams, allowing them to facilitate the academic program for in-person and online attendees.

Work with Fame to Manage an Effective Blended Learning Program

Blended learning programs are changing how students adapt to new and developing educational standards. The question is, how do you manage a blended learning program that accelerates student performance and retention rates?

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Best of all, with our products and services, you can simplify the processes you have to go through to provide a quality academic experience for in-person and online learners.

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