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Angelica Covarrubias 1:52

Paul Mitchell The School San Antonio, Dallas, Arlington, Denver, Roanoke, and Phoenix discusses Fame’s Freedom and Freedom FinAid and how they benefit her schools.

Who Trusts Fame

The benefits of Freedom and Freedom FinAid is the simplicity of it all. It makes it easy to navigate, it's very user-friendly to find the items that I need.

Angelica CovarrubiasPaul Mitchell The School Dallas, Arlington, Denver, Phoenix, and Roanoke

Since switching to Advantage FinAid, we have experienced a 25% boost in our Financial Aid department's efficiency, which in turn has increased productivity. We could not be happier with the training and support provided by Fame's staff!

Guy JackmanAmerican Advanced Technician Institute

After 11 years, I can vouch for Fame and say they are crucial for the successful growth of any post-secondary institution.

Jesus RamirezAssociate Director - Beauty Academy

Fame is great. Keep up the good work.

Catrina Gurley JEverett Light Career Center



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