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How does Fame compare to other student mobile apps?

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We want to make sure you choose the best Student Mobile App for your institution and students.

Before we jump to comparisons, let’s do a quick intro to the Fame Student Mobile App:

With the Student Mobile App students have access to all their important information such as grades and payment plans. Instead of students having to stop by your office to find out how many hours they have left, or when they are going to graduate, they can find all that information (and more) at a click of a button. Because of the native integration to our Student Information Systems, information is constantly updated, and you will never have to wait for data to sync ever again.

Okay, let’s get to the comparisons!

Why choose Fame’s Student Mobile App?

Track student attendance
Students keep up to date with their Academics
Communication with students
Students can view their financials
Real-time data updates with Fame’s SIS

Fame vs. Other Student Mobile Apps at a glance

Other Student Mobile Apps

Ready when you are 
No long installation or extra work added to staff’s workload


Communicate with Students
Messages and push-notifications

Native Integration to FAME
Real-time student updates

Attendance Tracking that deters “Buddy-punching”
Features to ensure students who are not present cannot clock in

Students stay up to date on grades and GPA, and will be notified if their Satisfactory Academic Progress falls into warning or ineligible status


Information in a snap
Students can see their schedule, expected graduation date, and more at a click of a button.


Dynamic Reports for Students
Download and view attendance reports, progress reports, and more.

Attendance History & Correct Mispunches
Students can quickly correct mispuches and view their two-week history, including which have been approved and which are still pending.

Student Accounts including Payment Plans
Students are able to view their charges, payments, and refunds as well as their financial aid.


Secure Payments
Students can make tuition payments via the mobile app

Coming Soon!


Documents and e-signing
Send and receive documents with the ability to e-sign straight from the app.

Coming Soon!



Both staff and students save time with FAME’s Student Mobile App. It is a simple (keyword: simple) app for students to keep track of their attendance, academics, and financials. No more questions about graduation dates!

Other Student Mobile Apps

While all Student Mobile Apps want to accomplish the same goal, some focus on extra features and lose sight of the goal – ensuring students are updated. When students’ information is not updated, they might get confused or may even become unmotivated.

Fame’s Student Mobile App is natively integrated with our SIS, allowing students to view their real-time data. You’ll never have to wait for data to sync again.

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