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Our Financial Aid Consultants

You can focus on running a school while we take care of eliminating audit findings. Our financial aid consultants have over 45 years of expertise helping schools tackle common pain points related to managing their operations, streamlining processes, and complying with complex regulations. 

Experienced Financial Aid Consultants

We pride ourselves on being trusted financial aid consultants for post-secondary schools for over 45 years. With such a long-standing reputation in the industry, we have built up an extensive network of experts and resources to help schools navigate the complex world of financial aid and compliance. As a result, many schools have come to rely on our financial aid expertise and powerful software solutions to help them manage their operations more effectively and navigate ever-changing post-secondary institution regulations.

By choosing us for our financial aid consultants’ knowledge, post-secondary school administrators like you can be confident that they are working with a company that has a long history of delivering high-quality services and solutions. Whether you need help with financial aid management, compliance, or other operational challenges, schools can trust us to provide them with the information, resources, and support they need to succeed.

Our Packages



    for New Schools/Owners

    Free Financial Aid Tools, plus:


    • Initial Eligibility Application/Change of Ownership Application
    • Basic Financial Aid Compliance Training (1 hour)
    • Training of Financial Aid Processes and Procedures (1 hour)
    • Provide Student Verification Review
    • Sample Student File Review
    • 1 Fame Conference Attendee



    for Established Schools

    Everything in Essentials, plus:


    • Eligibility Services
    • Annual Compliance Review
    • 2 Hours Support for Q&A
    • 1 Additional Hour of Compliance Training
    • Interactive Webinars (Novice & Advanced)
    • 1 Additional Fame Conference Attendee



    Complete Consulting Package

    Everything in Essentials & Growth, plus:


    •  Full Data Review
    •  4 hours of Regulatory Questions
    •  2 Custom Online Trainings
    •  R2T4 Review of Computations
    •  Verification Validation

    Why Choose Our Financial Aid Consultants

    Post-secondary school administrators often face complex regulatory requirements related to financial aid eligibility and compliance. These requirements can be challenging to navigate, especially for schools that lack the necessary time or resources. As a result, school administrators may choose to partner with our financial aid consultants to help them manage these challenges effectively.


    Compliance Expertise

    Our financial aid consultants are compliance experts, ensuring that your awards to students meet regulatory requirements. By minimizing audits, we empower your administrators to serve their students.

    Industry Knowledge

    With 45 years of experience in the administration of Title IV funding and regulatory compliance, Fame extends our knowledge to your financial aid office.

    Fast Processing Times

    We understand the importance of cash flow to your institution and financial aid funds to your students. That's why we strive to process all financial aid awards within 48 hours of input.

    Improved Student Satisfaction

    With rapid need analysis, expedited processing and verification, your students receive their funds faster, making the enrollment and funding process a more satisfying experience.

    Minimize Errors and Exceptions

    Our workflow-driven process and compliance queues in our compatible financial aid processing software is combined with our consulting oversight.

    Integrate with a Suite of Products

    Seamlessly integrate our financial aid consulting with our financial aid processing services, student information system, student mobile app, and other products–ensuring that your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

    How our process works


    Step 1

    Onboarding call with the client to meet the team and to review all required Title IV approvals.

    Step 2

    Fame reviews the school's programs to ensure they are Title IV compliant.

    Step 3

    Fame reviews data, trains staff on what to expect, and trains school on awarding if school is new to Title IV.

    We will be with you every step of the way.

    Ensure Compliance

    Whether your school has recently opened or is well-established, our financial aid consultants can give you peace-of-mind, knowing your computations are compliant so that you can focus on what really matters–your students.

    Prevent Audit Findings

    Learn what to look for when you are starting your career school, growing your school, or get experts verification validation for your established post-secondary school to keep your institution complaint.

    Contact Us Today & Get Your Free Consultation

    See how Fame can help your school simplify financial aid management and support your students’ success.


    What is the goal of a financial aid consultant?

    Our financial aid consultants verify student eligibility for financial aid, review and evaluate student records, and ensure compliance with regulations. We handle the complex red tape so school administrators can save time and resources.