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Allied Health Software & Financial Aid Solutions

Are you a healthcare educator in need of allied health software and financial aid solutions? Learn how Fame can accelerate your educational program with our innovative software and over four decades of financial aid expertise.

Work With Experts

Like other medical industry professionals, allied healthcare providers require innovative software solutions that streamline services, improve operations, and provide a quality experience for students. You need a management software provider with automated products that can improve post-secondary educational programs.

As a leading provider of higher education services, Fame can accelerate the efficiency of your school operation while minimizing errors that could disrupt your allied healthcare program. If you need software or financial aid expertise for allied health schools, Fame has the solution.

Our Packages


    $$Per Month
    • Financial Aid Processing Software (Integrated with Fame’s Student Information System)
    • Automated Clock Hour Awarding and Packaging (Pell Grants & Federal Direct Loans)
    • Fiscal Services
    • Enrollment Reporting
    • Sample File Review
    • Verification walk-through and Automated ISIR Corrections
    • Support via Fame Help Center
    • 4 hours of Financial Aid Training
    • Compliance Alerts
    • Financial Aid Procedures Manual


    $$$Per Month

    Everything in Essentials, plus:

    • Financial Aid Processing Software can be used as a stand-alone FA service
    • Cloud Based Solution
    • Single or Multi Campus
    • Credit Hour Awarding and Packaging
    • Pell Grants
    • Federal Direct Loans
    • User-role customization & security
    • Added Phone and Chat Support M-F 9-5 ET
    • 1 hour of Consulting Services
    • 4 Additional hours of Financial Aid Training


    $$$$Per Month
    Includes everything in Essentials and Growth, plus:


    Consulting Compliance+

    • Full Data Review
    • 4 Hours of Regulatory Questions
    • 2 Custom Online Trainings
    • R2T4 Review of Computations
    • Verification Validation
    • Extended Support Hours M-F 8-7 ET
    • Forever Resources: All Trainings Recorded and Accessible Anytime

    Our Solutions

    Whether you want software that can simplify schedules or keep track of students, Fame has the power to get the job done.

    Financial Aid

    Understanding financial regulations is complex enough as it is. Fortunately, with our financial aid services, you can quickly manage student funds, track vital records, and distribute financial aid awards.

    Student Information Systems

    It is no surprise that tracking student enrollment and retention rates is a tedious undertaking. Luckily, our student information systems solution is user-friendly and can keep track of data such as student records, attendance rates, and retention success. You can also access the program from any mobile device.

    Consulting Services

    Spend more time teaching and less time worrying about regulatory matters. Our financial aid consulting services can automate tasks involving federal funding and compliance regulations. We can also interpret federal laws that impact your allied health program while consulting with officials to address legal uncertainties.

    Lead Management

    Our customizable lead management tool is an innovative software application that can streamline daily tasks and keep track of crucial student information, including scheduled appointments. You can also use it to develop a comprehensive overview of your courses, allowing you to modify your classes as you see fit.

    Student Mobile App

    Our student mobile app is designed to address class-related concerns quickly. Your students can use it to gain insightful information on their academic performance, financial status, and attendance history. You can also integrate this app with the student information system feature, which means you don’t have to manually update it.

    Why Work with Fame?

    Partnering with Fame opens the door to innovative practices and higher program success rates. Here is why you should work with us:


    Technology Partnerships

    We’re committed to delivering high-quality technological solutions with impactful results. To do so, we develop partnerships with industry-leading companies whose technology can drastically improve the higher-education community.


    For over 40 years, we’ve served higher-education schools, which means we know a thing or two about helping programs address regulations, student needs, and new educational laws.

    Satisfied Students

    Our mission is to ensure that every student is satisfied with the quality of their post-secondary education. We do this by accelerating management solutions for educational programs while looking for opportunities to simplify our offers for students and administrators who rely on them.

    How our process works


    Step 1

    Onboarding call with our client.

    Step 2

    Fame configures and installs software on the school-side.

    Step 3

    Work with the school to input all data and train staff on how to use our software.

    We will be with you every step of the way.

    Increase Program Efficiency with Fame

    Fame is committed to providing feasible solutions for your allied health software needs. With customizable solutions, user-friendly products, and knowledgeable staff, we can facilitate your allied healthcare program.

    Contact us today to learn more.

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