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Financial Aid Processing Services

We understand the challenges that career school administrators face when managing their institutions, including the need for efficient management and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why Use Our Financial Aid Processing Services

With over 45 years of experience in the higher education industry, Fame is a trusted provider of software for post-secondary schools. Our financial aid software solution is designed to streamline operations, reduce errors, and keep administrators up-to-date with the latest regulations. By partnering with Fame, career schools can focus on what matters – their students.

Our Financial Aid Processing Packages


    $$Per Month
    Financial Aid Processing Software that allows the school’s FA Staff to perform the following tasks:

      • Awarding of Federal Student Aid
      • Ordering and Disbursing of Federal Student Aid
      • ISIR Corrections and Verification
    • Integrates with Fame’s Student Information System
    • Fiscal Services and Reconciliation
    • Automated Enrollment Reporting to NSLDS
    • FA Procedures Manual
    • Sample File Reviews
    • 4 Hours of FA Training
    • Support via Fame Help Center
    • Compliance Alerts

    Virtual Financial Aid Office

    $$$Per Month

    Everything included in Essential Financial Aid Processing Software, in addition a Virtual FA Officer performing school FA tasks:

    • Pre-Enrollment College Financing Plan and Estimated FA Package
    • NSLDS Transfer Monitoring
    • Student Document Review prior to awarding Federal student Aid
    • Review FA SAP Eligibility
    • Title IV Credit Balance Determination
    • Institutional Calculations and Return to Title IV
    • Title IV Refund Processing
    • Title IV Audit Reports
    • Monthly Bank Statement Uploads and Reconciliation

    Virtual Financial Aid Office+

    $$$$Per Month
    Everything included in Virtual FA Office package, plus Virtual FA Officer working directly with students to perform the following tasks:

    • Pre-Enrollment Documents via Secure Email
    • Federal Student Aid Application Assistance
    • Federal Student Aid Counseling via Phone, Email, and Zoom
    • Secure Digital Signature Request for Required Documents:
      • Official Financial Aid Offer
      • Verification Worksheets and Documentation
      • Notice of Federal Student Loan Disbursement
    • Remind Students via SMS to Submit Required Documents

    Why Work with Fame?

    Partnering with us means having access to over 45 years of industry experience and a proven financial aid management system that streamlines operations, reduces errors, and ensures compliance.


    Compliance Expertise

    Our compliance experts, coupled with user-friendly financial aid processing software, ensure that your awards to students meet regulatory requirements. Our software includes automated triggers, checks and balances, and advanced reporting.

    Industry Knowledge

    With over 40 years of experience in the administration of Title IV funding and regulatory compliance, Fame extends our knowledge to your financial aid office.

    Fast Processing Times

    We understand the importance of cash flow to your institution and financial aid funds to your students. That's why we strive to process all financial aid awards within 48 hours of input.

    Improved Student Satisfaction

    With rapid need analysis, expedited processing and verification, your students receive their funds faster, making the enrollment and funding process a more satisfying experience.

    Minimize Errors and Exceptions

    Our workflow-driven process and compliance queues in our software, combined with our oversight, maintain error rates below 1%.

    Integrate with a Suite of Products

    Seamlessly integrate our Financial Aid Processing Services with our Student Information System, Student Mobile App, and other products, ensuring that your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

    How our process works


    Step 1

    Onboarding call with our client.

    Step 2

    Fame configures and installs software on the school-side.

    Step 3

    Work with the school to input all data and train staff on how to use our software.

    We will be with you every step of the way.

    Simplifies Processing

    Our financial aid processing services is a proven platform that simplifies the management of financial aid records and streamlines the processing of financial aid awards, disbursements, and compliance reporting for post-secondary institutions.

    Powerful Platform

    It enables authorized users to view financial aid records and schedule disbursements for federal grants, loans, and campus-based awards. It also integrates with our Student Information Systems for seamless delivery of financial aid processing and awarding throughout the student life cycle. Our team of financial aid consultants conducts a business process analysis to ensure compliance with regulations and reporting requirement

    See how Fame can help your school simplify financial aid management and support your students' success.

    Start your journey with us.


    What is a third party servicer?

    A third-party servicer is an individual, or a state, or a private, profit or non-profit organization that enters into a contract with an eligible institution to administer, through manual or automated processing, any aspect of the institution’s participation in any Title IV, HEA program. [Learn more]

    Why does it matter who my third party service provider is?

    According to the Department of Education, a third-party service provider is a vendor, contractor, or other entity that provides services or functions on behalf of an educational institution, such as financial aid processing, enrollment management, technology services, or student housing. These services may be outsourced to third-party providers in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or to access specialized expertise. However, educational institutions remain responsible for ensuring that the services provided by these third-party providers are in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Additionally, the Department of Education requires institutions to have written agreements in place with third-party service providers to ensure the protection of student data and privacy.