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Admission CRM Software Simplifies the Recruitment Process

Fame provides the admissions CRM software solutions you need to streamline your program’s recruitment practices. Read on to learn more.

Simplify Your Admissions

With today’s complex admission process, educational institutions must develop effective strategies for collecting student information and tracking applications. To do this efficiently, you need a customer relationship management solution (CRM) that is simple to navigate and easy to use.

Fame can help you exceed admission goals while providing students with a personalized application experience. Learn how we can solve your admission CRM software needs.

Our Solutions

Fame offers much more than just financial aid processing. We can help your program simplify the overall admissions process and increase efficiencies so that you can surpass your enrollment goals. 

Some of the services we offer include:

Financial Aid

Managing financial aid is a time-consuming process requiring simple solutions and legal expertise. Our financial aid services provide a comprehensive overview of all financial matters, including student eligibility for aid and regulatory requirements for distribution. This means no more running into roadblocks that could delay the enrollment process.

Student Information Systems

As recruitment challenges evolve, so does the need for a sophisticated software system to address several pinpoints. Our student information systems solution can automate everything involving student information, such as admissions, retention rates, student records, and financial aid distribution. Best of all, you can engage instantly with students via a single channel on a mobile device. 

Consulting Services

Do you have a comprehensive understanding of the financial regulations surrounding the admissions process in your program? With our consulting services, you remain updated on federal funding requirements that can affect your program. Our team of experts can tackle regulatory concerns and compliance issues on financial-related matters.

Lead Management

Managing daily tasks is complicated without a centralized customer relationship management tool. Fortunately, our lead management product is a customizable system that can streamline daily tasks and facilitate online communication with your students. You can quickly access your daily agenda, instantly send out reminders, and streamline the educational experience for your students.

Student Mobile App

Students expect access to critical information instantly. Programs that can address this demand can expect higher enrollment and retention rates. Our cloud-based student mobile app is user-friendly. Plus, it provides quick access to academic performance-related areas. Students can access their grades, attendance rates, and financial balances. A contactless feature like this can provide a comprehensive overview of your program’s success.

Why Work with Fame for your Admissions needs?

Why should you select Fame as your management specialist for your admissions recruitment software needs? Here are three reasons:



To help programs streamline their admission process, we partner with industry-leading companies that provide user-friendly technology with innovative features. This way, we can deliver on our commitment to elevate post-secondary school management performance.


We understand how difficult it is to keep track of all the regulatory requirements surrounding finances, fund distributions, and enrollment requirements. This is why our services are designed to ensure your school remains in line with the latest government and accreditation regulations, including Title IV financial aid regulations.


Our mindset is centered on the future. This means we’re continuously updating our services to accommodate changing demands in the educational system, ensuring your program is ready to face the admission challenges of tomorrow.

Streamline Your Admission with Fame

The best admissions CRM software systems will simplify admissions, increase student engagement, and ensure your program complies with current regulations. Still not convinced that our services can transform your program’s admissions? Request a demo today and see for yourself. 


What is the objective of admissions software?

Admissions software aims to enhance lead management by providing tools to effectively track and nurture leads, giving your institution a competitive edge.

What is included in an admissions CRM?

An admissions CRM typically encompasses a range of components, including:

Lead Tracking and Information: Easily track leads and access key details like documents, notes, and more.

Performance Metrics: Measure success and identify areas for improvement using individual and team dashboards.

Text Messaging: Engage prospective students through their preferred communication channel by utilizing text messaging capabilities.

How does an admissions CRM help post-secondary school administrators?

An admissions CRM streamlines the process of nurturing and tracking prospective students, offering valuable support to post-secondary school administrators.