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Why Us?

With years of experience in Title IV and school operations, Fame has the knowledge and resources available to keep your school compliant with the latest accreditation regulations. Our unmatched user experience will simplify processes for teachers, administrators, and staff so they can elevate school workflows to allow for higher engagement, productivity, and financial aid assistance.


Our premier software and services are designed to be easily implemented into your school operations so you don’t have to worry about a messy transition period and missed student admission opportunities.


Our expertise and long-history with Title IV and school operations allows us to ensure you make no costly mistakes and are always remaining compliant with the latest regulations.


Our school management software and services will increase your school’s productivity and help you accelerate in everything from admissions to student engagement.


All of our tools are user-friendly and make it easy for school administrators, teachers, and staff to access exactly what they need. This enables educators to save time and focus on what matters — their students.

Improve the efficiency of your school operations, minimize errors, and reduce costs.

Improve the efficiency of your school operations, minimize errors, and reduce costs.

Improve the efficiency of your school operations, minimize errors, and reduce costs.

Improve the efficiency of your school operations, minimize errors, and reduce costs.

Improve the efficiency of your school operations, minimize errors, and reduce costs.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Who We Are

Fame is a premier school management specialist that offers software and services for post-secondary schools to aid them with student tracking and management. With decades of experience in Title IV and school operations, Fame assists schools in remaining compliant while providing an unmatched user experience to accelerate everything from admissions to engagement with students.

Industry Solutions & Services

Improve the efficiency of your school operations, minimize errors, and reduce costs.

Allied Health


Enhance your program with our expertise and technology partnerships. We streamline your educational program and elevate your workflow for high service standards while handling complex legal regulations.


We can help new and growing barber schools overcome common hurdles by providing strategic planning, compliance and accreditation assistance, and access to cutting-edge technology and tools.

Allied Health

We are committed to providing quality solutions for your allied health program software and federal fund disbursement needs. With customizable tools, user-friendly products, and knowledgeable staff, we can assist you in delivering and excellent allied health program to your students.


To operate a wide variety of career schools efficiently, you need automated solutions to simplify your workflow and manage the tasks associated with higher education. Take a look at what we can do for your program.

Financial Aid

Our user-friendly financial aid processing software assists staff with reducing costs, calculating the distribution of student awards, grants, and loans, and ensuring smoother cash flow.


Our cutting-edge software simplifies school operations and empowers administrators to accomplish more, by streamlining processes and ensuring compliance.


We are the industry experts in proprietary school federal funding and our experts can use their decades of experience to advise you on the following issues so you can focus on running a school:

  • Ensuring federal regulation compliance
  • Auditing assistance
  • Financial aid policy reviews
  • Evaluating financial aid processes for students

Who Trusts Fame

The benefits of Freedom and Freedom FinAid is the simplicity of it all. Each department within our schools utilizes it: Admissions, Education, and Financial Aid. It makes it easy to navigate, it's very user-friendly to find the items that I need. Freedom FinAid adds value to our department by making everything very easy to read. Everything is seamless in that you can send it to almost anyone or even a student and it's not complicated or complex at all.

Angelica CovarrubiasPaul Mitchell The School Dallas, Arlington, Denver, Phoenix, and Roanoke

Fame's Advantage FinAid Software has exceeded our expectations here at AATI! The user interface is very detailed yet organized and extremely user-friendly. Most importantly, since switching to Advantage FinAid, we have experienced a 25% boost in our Financial Aid department's efficiency, which in turn has increased productivity. We could not be happier with the training and support provided by Fame's staff!

Guy JackmanAmerican Advanced Technician Institute

After 11 years, I can vouch for FAME and say they are crucial for the successful growth of any post-secondary institution.
From their excellent customer service team to informative webinars, FAME provides a suite of solutions that make running your school that much easier. Financial Aid processing is made easy with their intuitive software, which I dare say a caveman can do it. Your annual audits are also a breeze, with FAME's annual audit package. Overall, you can expect peace of mind, knowing that you are always in compliance.

Jesus RamirezAssociate Director - Beauty Academy

FAME is great. Keep up the good work.

Catrina Gurley JEverett Light Career Center


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