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ED Electronic Announcements


EA – Posted May 6, 2014 – (Application Processing).  Launch of Student Aid History on

The enhancement and expansion of the Web site is announced in the EA.  ED explains that the site will now allow for students to access their federal student aid history directly in that one location.  The site will allow a student or other borrower to view all of their federal loan and grant information from the one site now, including information about loan defaults and grant overpayments.  Individuals accessing the site may do so via tablets and smartphones in addition to a typical personal computer or laptop, etc.  ED provided sample screenshots with the announcement so that aid administrators will have an understanding of what students will see on the site.  Note that the NSLDS Student Access Web site is still available to students.  Students must still use the NSLDS Student Access site to update their address or enrollment status and to complete TEACH Grant exit counseling, etc.  The enhancements to the site do not impact the NSLDS Student Access site.

EA – Posted May 13, 2014 – (General).  TPD Discharge Information – Transition to New SAIG Service for Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Loan Holder Notification File Delivery

ED reminds the financial aid community of the transition to the use of the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) for receiving any Total and Permanent Disability Loan Holder Notifications (TPD LHN).  ED first announced this transition process a year ago on May 24, 2013.  This particular announcement is most applicable to those schools with Federal Perkins Loan portfolios.  Perkins Loan schools may now enroll their appropriate Destination Point (TG number/SAIG mailbox) in the new TPD LHN process via the SAIG Enrollment Web site.  Previously schools could elect to receive TPD LHNs via e-mail.  This option is being eliminated.  An attachment is provided with the announcement that provides more specific details.

EA – Posted May 20, 2014 – (Loans).  New Direct Consolidation Loan Process Information – Phase Two of Transition Implemented on May 18, 2014

Schools are alerted to this important phase of the transition in the Direct Consolidation Loan process.  As of May 18, 2014 borrowers will now have to use the Web site to complete and submit the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan application and promissory note.  Borrowers will no longer be able to submit applications via the Direct Consolidation Loans Web site or by sending them to the Direct Loan Consolidation Center.  Applicants already in the process of applying through the Direct Consolidation Loans Web site or the Direct Loan Consolidation Center prior to May 18, 2014 will be assisted in completing the application process via that method.  Schools are advised to review this announcement for more specific information and details about the new process and to be aware of how borrowers in the process of consolidating on May 18 are being assisted.

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