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ED Electronic Announcements

ED’s Electronic Announcements (EAs) on IFAP: GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT (GE)

EA – Posted May 1, 2014 – (Gainful Employment).  Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #49 – Updated Gainful Employment Information Page

ED provides an update on the status of the Gainful Employment (GE) Information page accessible via IFAP.  The page, originally implemented in 2011, has been updated to be renamed the “Gainful Employment Information Page 2014”.  With this renaming of the page, older GE information that is no longer valid or applicable has been removed from the newly renamed page.  ED’s stated goal is to ensure schools have easy access to the most current GE information related to regulatory requirements and ED’s plans.  Schools may still access the older GE information by selecting the “Resources” option on the page and then selecting “Archived Gainful Employment Information Page” option.  The public is reminded that ED is in the process of regulating all aspects of the GE provisions.  The March 25, 2014 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) comment period ended the on May 27, 2014.  The community at large awaits the final regulations resulting from the NPRM and the comments ED received.



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