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Enhancements Made to Loan Counseling

The Department of Education (ED) has made changes in the information related to loan counseling. Schools should be aware that now contains additional information for required loan counseling that was not previously on this site. As of March 24, 2013 now contains enhanced Entrance Counseling, Financial Awareness Counseling, and Exit Counseling modules. It is important to note that Exit Counseling is no longer available through the NSLDS Student Access Web site. All Exit Counseling that is performed through ED’s resources must now be done through This will necessitate schools that use ED’s Direct Loan Exit Counseling to update their consumer information regarding Exit Counseling (e.g., where you tell students to go to complete the counseling in your catalogs, brochures, and on your Web site, etc.). Schools are encouraged to review and be cognizant of all of the enhancements and the list of “clarifications” (questions and answers) that ED has provided related to the enriched in the April 5, 2013 Electronic Announcement and its attachment.



If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact your Customer Service Representatives via

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