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Dental School Software Innovative Solutions

Are you searching for innovative dental school software solutions? Learn how Fame’s full suite of services can be tailored to the unique needs of your program.

Consulting with a Software Provider

Dental school programs require innovative, modernized solutions that streamline practices and truly improve the program’s overall quality for professionals and students—all without breaking a budget. 

Fortunately, Fame meets all of these requirements. As a cutting-edge software provider for post-secondary schools, we efficiently facilitate dental programs for medical personnel, aspiring students, and patients.       

Our services are specifically designed to address crucial pinpoints that inherently come with operating higher-education dental programs. Let’s dive deeper into these solutions to better understand how Fame addresses core dental school software needs.    

Solutions We Provide

There are many software options for managing dental schools. While requirements differ depending on the program, all require comprehensive solutions that truly improve dental institutions. However, most clinical practice programs ultimately need some combination of the following:

Top dental school programs require a user-friendly tool that simplifies financial processing, reduces operational costs, and speeds up student enrollment. 

Fame’s financial aid processing solution operates as a centralized system with comprehensive features that address all (not some, or most) financial processing needs for dental schools. With our SaaS model, you can streamline the funding process, allowing your students to receive their funds without delays.

FameAME’s Student Information System is designed to speed up enrollment, facilitate the admissions process, and accurately keep track of student records. Think of our software as a service tool that supports student needs, so you can focus your time and efforts on providing a quality patient experience. 

By automating student recruitment and retention tasks, you can enhance your dental program to accommodate incoming professionals.

Financial distribution regulations are complex. Fortunately, with FameAME’s consulting services, you collaborate with experts experienced in helping dental schools address federal funding regulation concerns. Like you, they understand most dental students require federal need-based assistance, including grants and scholarships, to cover educational costs. 

Our team will also review Title IV rules and communicate with federal officials, so you can award dental funding to incoming students while remaining compliant with current regulations.

Keeping track of prospective students and patient necessities is crucial for profitable programs. With our lead management solution system, you can do just that while coordinating daily tasks. 

You can also automate patient appointments, allowing you to organize your daily operations based on clinical procedures and long-term treatment planning.

Our student mobile app effectively facilitates ongoing communication in dental practices, providing meaningful insights into student performances. Our cloud-based app is flexible, user-friendly, and addresses a wide array of student concerns (including classroom attendance and account balances).

Why Work with Fame?

Why partner with Fame to improve the efficacy of your dental program? Here are four reasons, of many:


With over 40 years of higher education experience, we know how to tangibly assist post-secondary programs by addressing financial regulations, enrollment concerns, and student needs.

We take great pride in establishing alliances with industry-leading partners that deliver innovative technological solutions for your dental practice—ensuring outdated solutions go out the window.

We are constantly looking toward the future. This means we actively customize our services while minimizing mistakes that would otherwise hinder your dentistry program.

Finally, we ensure your program remains compliant with regulatory requirements, so you can focus on the real work of managing your odontology institution well.

How our process works


Step 1

Onboarding call with our client.

Step 2

Fame configures and installs software on the school-side.

Step 3

Work with the school to input all data and train staff on how to use our software.

Increase Program Efficiency with Fame

Fame is proud to support institutions looking for top dental school software solutions. With our competitive offers, you can streamline enrollment, facilitate daily operations, and remain up-to-date on institutional regulations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, request a demo today!