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We are passionate about helping our clients make the most of their software training. Whether you’re a new client just starting your journey with us or a long-time user looking to refresh your skills, we believe that training plays a crucial role in maximizing your experience. In this blog post, we will share valuable tips to ensure that your software training is effective and impactful. From setting clear learning goals to leveraging available resources, we’re here to empower you on your learning journey.  


Let’s dive into 4 Key Tips to help you get the most out of your training sessions. 


Come with a Goal in Mind  

When attending your software training session, it’s beneficial to have a clear goal in mind. Our training sessions are customized to meet individual needs, so it’s important to identify what you specifically want to achieve. Whether you’re looking to dive deeper into a specific module, seek an in-depth explanation of certain features, or simply desire a high-level overview, communicating your goal to our training team will ensure that the session is tailored to your needs and delivers the most value. We want to make every training call valuable for you. 


No Distractions  

Maintaining focus during training can be challenging when you’re constantly bombarded with emails and interruptions from students and colleagues. To optimize your learning experience, we recommend setting aside a dedicated “Do Not Disturb” time of at least one hour during your training session. By temporarily silencing notifications and creating a focused environment, you’ll be able to maximize your time and absorb the information more effectively. As Dr. Sahar Yousef, a Cognitive Neuroscientist at UC Berkeley, states, “Multitasking is a myth. In reality, it’s rapidly switching from one task to another, and then back again. And every time you make that switch, you pay a ‘tax’ on both your time and your energy.” So, give yourself the gift of uninterrupted learning to make the most of your training! 


Ask Questions 

Utilize the training opportunity to ask questions. Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Your inquiries not only contribute to a deeper understanding of the material but also steer the training toward specific topics that are most relevant to you. Our trainers possess a wealth of knowledge, so don’t hesitate to seek clarification. We’re here to support your learning journey and ensure that you gain the most from your training experience. 


Utilize Available Resources 

Make the most of the available resources following your training session. You’ll receive a recording of the call and helpful guides to assist you further. Take advantage of these materials to reinforce your learning and reference key concepts. Additionally, our support page offers a wide range of informative articles and helpful guides that delve deeper into various topics. Explore these valuable resources to enhance your understanding and gain insights into utilizing the software effectively. 

 At Fame, your success is our priority. By keeping these tips in mind during your next training session, you can enhance your learning experience and make the most of our software. Remember, our team is here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions after training, please open a support ticket, and our expert team will be glad to assist you. Additionally, if you wish to explore a specific topic in more depth, you can request additional training sessions. Together, we’ll ensure you have the knowledge and skills to excel with our software solutions. 


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Headshot of Christal Carson

Christal Carson

Software & Financial Aid Trainer, Fame

Christal brings the knowledge and experience of our Customer Service and Financial Aid Processing teams to her most current role on our Training team at Fame. She has over 12 years of experience in the Financial Aid field with an extensive focus on Title IV Regulatory matters including the packaging of Pell and Direct Loans.