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The Importance of Investing in Quality Attendance Tracking Technology


About the Client

What Paul Mitchell – The School Does

Paul Mitchell The School – St. George (PM – St. George) is a cosmetology school dedicated to teaching the skills needed to become a successful esthetician, barber, nail technician, hair designer, and/or instructor.

Client’s Key Differentiators

Paul Mitchell – St. George is just one location of the many Paul Mitchell schools. Paul Mitchell the School (PMTS) was founded in 2000 by Winn Claybaugh, John Paul Dejoria, and Angus Mitchell, with a mission of helping aspiring cosmetologists achieve their dreams.  As evidenced by their employees, PMTS cares deeply for its students and is passionate about helping them achieve success. Each campus is geared toward efficiency, student empowerment, and a commitment to excellence. To ensure that all students stay on track and avoid logistical hurdles in their cosmetology education, PMTS eagerly embraces new technology to streamlines the process. Unfortunately, some “solutions” ended up becoming problems.

  1. Customer Challenge The St. George campus of the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school embraced high standards as an esteemed brand in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, their attendance-tracking technology did not meet their level of excellence, impairing their students’ experience and the school’s overall reputation.
  2. Solution Fame’s Student Information System combined with the Student Mobile App worked together with the on-demand, reliable attendance tracking software that allowed students to easily clock in and out of classes, without worrying that their time punches would be inaccurate.
  3. Value Provided Paul Mitchell – St. George students are less likely to experience missed punches, while staff members find it much easier to manage missed punches that do happen. Plus, overall attendance tracking became much simpler and smoother, thereby improving the students’ experience.

The Challenge to Overcome

What Paul Mitchell – The School Does


Initial Problem

While PM – St. George is a fast-paced environment, unfortunately, their attendance tracker was not. They were using a biometric hand scanner to capture attendance and track student hours. However, both staff and students found it to not always be consistent in capturing student attendance. At the beginning of each class, students would line up and place their hands on the scanner to clock in. This often caused long lines as the scanner would have problems reading the handprints. These problems occurred at the beginning and end of classes, causing delays for both students and staff.

All these incorrect time punches wasted time. Students would have to fill out paperwork for their correct hours, then give it to the Financial Aid (FA) Leader, who then had to take time out of their busy day to manually adjust the mismatched punches. To solve these problems, Paul Mitchell – St. George turned to Fame.

First Steps Toward Improvement

The school soon realized the immense time-savings as soon as they started using the Fame attendance tracker. The first benefit was that the long clock-in and clock-out lines vanished. With FAME, more than one student could do their time punches at the same time.

The second was that the administrative process of correcting punches got much easier. Students were able to digitally identify missed punches and request corrections. Once they submitted their form, the FA Leader could then approve or deny the changes in mere seconds.

Solution Implemented 

There is no longer a line at the beginning and end of the class waiting to clock in/out, and the FA Leader had more time in their schedule. Best of all, students no longer had to worry about time spent trying to clock in/out or having their hours incorrectly recorded. They could focus on learning — which was the mission of Paul Mitchell The School all along.

Meanwhile, school staff no longer had to spend time trying to get a consistent result from the biometric scanner or manually correcting missed punches when it failed (which 

was often). With a few button clicks, they could get students’ hours accurately documented and handle any changes. 

In short, clock-in and clock-out lines were shorter, students could correct any missed punches on their phones, and the FA Leader could quickly accept/deny change requests. No more long lines, stressful attendance procedures, or manual work.

“I’ve had a couple of schools reach out to me to ask about it and I’ve always said, ‘I would not hesitate to move to this attendance tracker.’”

-Kayley King, Co-Director at Paul Mitchell – St. George 


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