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SAVE Instructions for U.S. Department of Education (School) Users Version 3.0 Available (Updated Sept. 9, 2022)

AUTHOR: Federal Student Aid


If users receive the “No cases found” message in the DHS-SAVE system, do not “Resend Record to Matches” in FAA Access to CPS Online to generate a new transaction with a new DHS Verification Number. Doing so generates a new SAVE case for the student while the first case is still processing and will result in a slower response. Instead, users should check the “DHS Sec. Conf. (Secondary Confirmation) Flag” on the student’s Institutional Student Information Record. If the Sec. Conf. Flag is “P” (Pending result of secondary DHS confirmation), wait for a new transaction with the DHS Sec. Conf. Flag of “N” (Citizenship not confirmed) before checking the case in SAVE.

Federal Student Aid (FSA) is pleased to announce the updated SAVE Instructions for School Users document, which incorporates, and updates, all SAVE system process and procedure changes from:

  • The “SAVE Instructions for U.S. Department of Education (School) Users, Version 2.0” posted on December 6, 2018; and
  • The “Resend Record to Matches Functionality Available in FAA Access to CPS Online to Streamline SAVE Third Step Verification Process” Electronic Announcement (EA) posted on February 14, 2019

Financial Aid Administrators (FAAs) should replace the documents above with “DHS-SAVE Instructions for U.S. Department of Education (School) Users, Version 3.0” to stay up to date with procedures. These documents will be removed from the IFAP, DHS-SAVE Eligible Noncitizen link after version 3.0 is posted.

Version 3.0 additions include:

    • Three videos supporting the Instructions;
      • SAVE Account Set-up and Management
      • SAVE Navigation and Response Screens
      • Resend Record to Matches
  • PDPA (Supervisor Third Step Only, STSO) User IDs are now enabled to view records and submit third step verification requests;
  • How to resolve the “No Cases Found” error message;
  • How to resolve other common SAVE Error Messages;
  • DHS Verification Numbers (found on the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR)) start with “00” followed by the last 2 digits of a year (e.g. 0019 or 0020) for FAFSAs processed after September 2019;
  • How to upload immigration documentation (graphic);
  • Changes to the “Additional Request” buttons (VAWA, Cuban/Haitian Entrant, and Fraud);
  • How to resolve the “Resend Record to Matches” field not appearing in FAA Access to CPS Online in Corrections;
  • When and how to use the “Resend Record to Matches” field in FAA Access to CPS Online to generate a new ISIR with a new DHS Verification Number;
  • How to advise students who need to correct, renew, or replace their immigration documents;
  • How to add CPS Online Service to a PDPA’s SAIG Enrollment form; and
  • How to provide feedback on the SAVE Instructions

Information has been updated in the following sections:

  • What action is necessary for each of the five SAVE response messages;
  • How to proceed if a SAVE response is not received within 15 business days of third step verification request submission;
  • How to check the ISIR DHS Match Flags for a confirmed eligible noncitizen status;
  • How to determine whether unusual immigration statuses are eligible for Title IV Aid; and
  • How to notify SAVE of incorrect information on a student’s case (e.g. Name, DOB, and ARN)

PowerPoint versions of the videos are attached to this EA document in Portable Document Format (PDF). They are not in the Instructions.

The DHS-SAVE, Eligible Noncitizen page serves as a repository for all Electronic Announcements; SAVE system instructional documents; Federal Student Aid Handbook, Volume I, Chapter 2: U.S. Citizenship and Eligible Noncitizens; and other information related to eligible noncitizen issues.

Need Help?

For the timeliest response, email your questions to:

(NOTE: Do not call the SAVE Call Center because they do not have a full understanding of our unique system access).


SAVE Instructions 3.0 Final in PDF Format, 32KB, 42 Pages

SAVE Account Set-up and Management Final in PDF Format, 35KB, 35 Pages

SAVE Account Set-up and Management Video

SAVE Navigation and Response Screens Presentation, 2MB, 21 Pages

SAVE Navigation and Response Screens Video

Resend Record to Matches Presentation, 547KB, 10 Pages

Resend Record to Matches Video


Last Modified: 09/09/2022

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