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What to Look for When Hiring a Higher Education Consultant

Higher education consultants are a huge benefit to the institutions they work with, but choosing the right one can prove to be a challenging task. What qualities are most important? Which competencies will make the biggest difference? In this blog, we’ll dive into some considerations as you search for the perfect consultant to aid your higher education institution.  

All higher education institutions can benefit from having a consultant to assist with a variety of needs, needs that extend to both the student body and the institution itself. Where one benefits, so does the other. A higher education consultant should be a knowledgeable and experienced expert with a network of support. But what should you be looking for specifically?  


Financial Aid Expertise 

So much goes into financial aid – eligibility, evaluations, due diligence, audits, and more – it can oftentimes feel like a mountain that is impossible to climb. 

A higher education consultant must be an expert in this field, with knowledge at their fingertips and a strong support system to back them up. In addition to their knowledge and deep understanding of the financial aid requirements, experience in administration and managing files will come in handy through the process of financial aid filing and compliance. All of this can be dry and confusing, so someone with relevant experience and connections will streamline your institution’s financial aid processing immensely.  


Processing and Due Diligence Support 

A true higher education consultant worth their salt will not only help you get what you need and get where you need to go but be with you the whole way through. 

They should be available for your questions and concerns, as well as to meet with your staff when necessary. This is the definition of true support, real consultation. 

Hands-on, customized training, and group presentations help make the process easier for everyone involved, and a great higher education consultant will be equipped, skilled, and prepared to do it all. 



Staying Up-To-Date 

Anyone can read the list of current requirements for regulatory compliance and eligibility but it takes an expert to disseminate that information simply. In an environment of constantly changing information, you’ll want to look for a consultant who is staying current in their knowledge and can pass that information along to your team in an easy-to-understand way.  

The implications of staying up-to-date on regulations for your institution versus falling behind are major – loss of funding, eligibility, students, etc. This is a major point that you’ll want to consider as you’re choosing the right consultant to work with.  

Our FAME consulting staff members are constantly evaluating changes to requirements and regulations in order to inform our clients, including regular webinars to debrief any recent updates relevant to the institutions we serve. 


Contact FAME Today 

The higher education consultants at FAME do all of the above, and so much more. Whether you just have a quick question, or need a full program review, we are here to help 

Our higher education consultants have years of experience and training, thereby gaining top level expertise, and they truly enjoy working with higher education institutions to help and assist wherever they can. 

This is a work of passion and purpose for us at FAME, and we are here to help you every step of the way. If you would like to request consulting services, please contact us 



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