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The Benefits of Using a Student Information System (SIS)

Running a school can be extremely complex and challenging. There is recruiting, attendance, reporting, and so much more that must be tracked. Institutions need to rely on credible educational technologies and management systems that help to alleviate some of the complexities. A student information system is one of them.

What is a Student Information System? 

A student information system gives instructors, staff, and administrators a single access point for all their institute’s needs. Whether your institution serves thousands or hundreds of students, the complex challenge of recruiting, retaining, and servicing the needs of your students is constantly evolving. Student Information Systems help keep it simple and flexible.  

Why do I need a Student Information System?

There are many benefits to a Student Information System, some advantages for institutions are:

Centralized information sourcing and management

A student information system allows for a single point of information and management. Administrators are able to completely customize their applications to meet different management needs. This allows a single place for staff and administrators to access information.

Billing and student accounts 

An institution needs to keep its accounting and billing in line. With FAME’s Student Information System software, institutions can easily post all charges and payments to each student ledger while also automatically tracking past due or overtime charges. The automated system saves your staff time by generating student billing plans, billing invoices, and overtime notices automatically. All financial transactions are tracked right within the software, allowing for more accurate record keeping and easier reporting.

Comprehensive placement tracking

Student Information Systems track students past graduation, including placement. Within FAME’s SIS, administrators can track state board testing completions as well as validate employment as required for accreditation. 

Integration with Financial Aid, Document Management Software, and more! 

With seamless integration into the family of FAME products, our SIS communicates with our Financial Aid awarding and packaging applications, Student Mobile App, and other products. Integration streamlines your processes, removing the need for manual importing or entries. For example, as FAME’s SIS is tightly connected with our Lead Management Solution, data transfers automatically from lead to student which ensures information is accurate on all platforms. 

Reporting Capabilities

Reporting has never been easier with an easy-to-use custom report writer and a long list of preloaded automated reports built directly into the software. Some of these preloaded reports include: 

  • Customized State Board Reports 
  • Custom Report Writer
  • Financial Accruals
  • Deferred Revenue Reports
  • 90/10 Reporting
  • NACCAS Annual Report 
  • Gainful Employment Reports 
  • Net Price Calculation Data 
  • IPEDS Report
  • 1098T Preparation 
  • Audit Reporting
  • Admissions Activities Reports 
  • Attendance History Reports 
  • Grad Check Listing 
  • SAP Check Listing 
  • Termination Report 
  • Financial Transaction Activity Report
  • Tuition Projections 
  • Internal Monitoring Reports 
  • Point of Sale Integration


Why FAME’s Student Information System is the Perfect Choice 

Rather than forcing you down a “one-size fits all” technology path, we have multiple solutions that can be configured to match your requirements. Whether SaaS or a fully hosted enterprise solution, FAME’s Student Information Systems can be scaled to serve small schools, online programs, or multi-campus institutions with the features you need. FAME is a trusted solution for Higher Education and offers Student Information Systems with important features including student records and accounts, integrated financial aid packages, placement tracking, and more!

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