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Introducing the FAME Student Mobile App – Convenience for Staff & Students

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We are excited to announce that FAME has launched a convenient mobile application for Higher Ed institutions that provides your students with important information with a click of a button. The application seamlessly integrates with our Student Information System, allowing it to update constantly as soon as new information is posted.  

 The FAME Student Mobile App contains many exciting features, including a simple and secure attendance tracking system, reporting functions for student academic progress, the ability to quickly communicate between students and staff, along with quick review for student financial aid. The cloud-based app is designed to be user-friendly for both staff and students. 

Here is how the FAME Student Mobile App can help: 

Are your students fully aware of their overall academic progress at your institution? 
  • Through the App, they can see current course grades and averages, how many hours they have left in their program, GPA, Satisfactory Academic Progress, and download important reports such as progress reports.  
  • Students will be notified if their Title IV status reaches a warning or ineligible status. 
  • Students can stay up to date on everything financial aid related from charges and refunds to financial aid amounts, their current student account ledger balance, and payment plans. 
  • If enabled by you, students can also use the messaging feature to send questions to administrators or departments. 
Is your staff struggling with limited time?  
  • Save staff time spent on pulling data and replying to student questions as students have visibility of their financial situation 
  • No more manual attendance taking- the app uses rotating PIN and biometric authentication so students can clock in and out, creating complete reports on daily attendance and hours spent in class, whether online or on campus. 
  • Student information is kept safe thanks to strict security measures. 
  • You can send students push notifications to inform them of emergencies, important events, and school closures. 

FAME has 40 plus years and counting of excellence in providing trusted solutions for higher education. With over a billion in processed funds, we proudly create software and provide professional consulting for these invaluable institutions. Our many services include financial aid, regulatory compliance, software implementation, and student information systems for schools of every size. Learn more about our new app and request a demo today! 



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