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Why You Won’t Want to Miss the 2022 FAME Financial Aid & School Management Conference

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Attend the FAME Conference and Reap the Benefits

The annual FAME conference is coming up, May 9 – May 11, 2022, and you won’t want to miss it.

FAME has been proud to serve schools of higher education at our Financial Aid & School Management Conferences for many years, and it has come to be a highly anticipated event.


Because FAME is a collaborative space for higher education professionals. We hold workshops, hands-on training, and panels that will keep you informed and on top of the latest regulation and technology for your school.

This year, we’ll be at Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach, Florida, and we’re offering all of our registered attendees the full experience, from breakfast, lunch, and snacks to a welcome reception. Over the course of 2.5 days, you’ll feel rejuvenated and excited to get back to your campus and put everything you’ve learned to good use, with us as your partners!


What to Look Forward to at the Financial Aid & School Management Conference

We’ll kick off the conference this year with a novice workshop on financial aid. It runs from 12 PM to 4 PM and is designed to discuss all the important details of financial aid, including awarding, and ensuring your school is in compliance to receive Title funding. We’ll also outline the duties of a Financial Aid Director as they pertain to campus policies, so be sure to take notes!

We’ll have Ms. Sally Samuels conducting this seminar; Sally is a leading expert in Federal financial aid, with 41 years of experience, “in the trenches.” After the workshop, you’ll have your evening free to mingle, network, or head out and check out Hollywood Beach!

Tuesday is a day packed with great speakers and demos throughout the day. After an early breakfast, you’ll hear about the future of financial aid from Sally Samuels and CEO of TEN Government Strategies, Tom Netting. The rest of the day will include topics such as marketing to today’s student body, what school owners need to know, how COVID-19 has changed the higher education industry, cybersecurity, and much, much, more! After Tuesday’s sessions, we’ll be holding our welcome reception, where you can discuss all you’ve learned and get feedback from your colleagues on what discoveries they’ve made. The ideal learning mixer.

Wednesday morning kicks off with a legislative and regulatory update. There will also be a technology spotlight throughout the day. Stop by to check out modules, features, and reports in our applications. For our last day together, you’ll be learning about regulations and legislation changes in the Department of Education, Title IX requirements, ways to serve your graduates, credit hour programs, transfer student overlapping loans, and COVID requirements. After a packed day, we’ll close out our day and send you on your way.


What You’ll Get from FAME

The seminars, speakers, and demos are plenty to rave about at the FAME conference, but you’re getting so much more than that. You get to occupy space with your colleagues from around the country, share ideas, learn new tips and tricks with them, and begin applying all you’ve learned in real-time.

This is a once-a-year opportunity to freshen up your experience, your knowledge, and your wisdom for your school, your faculty, and your student body. And you get to do it in a beautiful location alive with energy.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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