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Application Deadline for HEERF III Grants for Proprietary Institutions has been extended to September 10, 2021

Today, ED posted an unofficial Federal Register Notice (official notice to be posted on August 17, 2021) that extends the funding application deadline for the Proprietary Institution Grant Funds for Students Program until September 10, 2021.

As you know this grant program is the third round of funding for proprietary institution students under the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF III) as authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act. The previous deadline to apply was August 11, 2021

For proprietary institutions that received HEERF II funds, HEERF III funds will be made available without requiring a new application. However, ED requires that all proprietary institutions complete and submit the Required Proprietary Institution Certification Form to “assist with management and oversight” before the ED makes HEERF III funds available. Each institution must email a completed certification form to before ED will make a supplemental award to the institution’s existing Proprietary Institution Grant Funds for Students Award under HEERF II in G5. Institutions must submit the certification form by September 10, 2021, or risk losing their HEERF III allocation.

If you missed the August 11, 2021 deadline, had issues requesting HEERF 111 funds, or changed your mind about requesting HEERF 111 funds, now is the time to complete the Certification.

With COVID numbers increasing daily, students may again need assistance with their educational costs.

For questions on HEERF 111, please see ED’s HEERF III FAQ document available here.

ED’s HEERF III website can be accessed here.


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