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10 Features to look for in an Attendance Tracker for Higher Education

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An attendance tracker is an important tool used by post-secondary schools. And not only because research shows that academic achievement and regular attendance are closely connected. It’s also critical for clock-hour programs (e.g., cosmetology, trucking, massage, mortuary, nursing, dental) in order to receive Title IV funding disbursements.

So, what should you look for when choosing an attendance tracker? (Spoiler alert: The Attendance Tracker in the FAME Student Mobile App incorporates all of these critical features.)

COVID-19 Compliance

COVID-19 has changed the way the world works. Gone are the days of waiting in line and sharing devices to clock in students. To ensure everyone’s safety, our attendance tracker allows students to use their own devices, for a truly contactless experience.


When tracking attendance, you want to make sure your system is secure to ensure accurate data. When clocking in or out in FAME’s attendance tracker, students must log in and validate using a pin on the screen.

Integrates with your SIS

If your attendance tracker does not integrate with your student information system, you will have to manually add the data to your SIS. This is an extra step for your school that could be better spent helping students. Our system integrates seamlessly with Freedom and Advantage 5.0, with a real time student update. Schools will never have to worry about manually inputting data.


Manually taking attendance is a thing of the past. Ensure your attendance tracker does the work for you by automating the process. FAME’s Attendance Tracker allows instructors to save time by sending the data directly to your SIS.

Deters “Buddy Punching”

Buddy punching is the act of clocking in or out on behalf of someone else. When buddy punching occurs, it is difficult to know who actually attended class. While some students receive screenshots or texts with the code to clock in, FAME’s Attendance Tracker does not allow students to clock in via screenshot. We utilize a QR code with a rotating pin to ensure students who are not present cannot clock in.


If you’ve ever had to clock in, there is a good chance you’ve missed a punch or two. Our system allows students to correct a mis-punch, which then gets sent to staff for approval. This lessens the time staff spend on cleaning up punches, which allows more time for helping students.


Having a web-based system eliminates the need for costly hardware installation and maintenance. All your school needs is a tablet or laptop to display the QR code.

Clock Hour Support

While attendance is important for all types of programs, it is even more important for clock hour schools, because they need accurate records to disburse aid. Our attendance tracker works for both credit and clock hour schools.

Works with multiple campuses & locations

Whether you have multiple campuses or have a mix of remote and in-person learning, your attendance tracker should work for you. FAME utilizes a unique code for each campus, which allows it to track attendance across multiple locations. It also works for both in-person and distance learning by using a web-based QR code.

And last but not least…

Ease of Use

Make sure your attendance tracker is easy for all parties involved, that includes students, staff, and instructors. FAME makes it easy for students to clock in/out, fix mis-punches and view their attendance. On the faculty side, instructors can easily view the attendance data, while staff can quickly and easily set up the QR code.

All these features and more can be found in FAME’s new Student Mobile App.

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