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DYK – Central Processing System (CPS) – Electronic Announcement

That the Central Processing System (CPS) had a technical issue with the Selective Service System (SSS) Match, which prevented it from providing CPS with the SSS data base match?

The Electronic Announcement issued on June 28, 2016, indicated that records processed during the down time would have a blank Selective Service Match value on the SAR and ISIR field # 359.

To minimize the impact to applicants and schools, the CPS continued processing application and correction data for active cycles the past week and suspended the SSS matching process.

As of July 5, 2016, the technical issue was resolved, and the CPS resumed normal matching routines with the SSS and reprocessed the applications and corrections previously submitted to CPS between June 27 and June 30, 2016, which should have been sent to the SSS during the outage window, and sent system-generated records (commonly called, “pushed” ISIRs).  If a change to the ISIR occurred, it will have a “172” comment code, indicating that the resulting change was due to a report from another agency.  The reprocessed ISIR will display a “50” for the Reprocessing Code (ISIR field #230). The FAA Information page in FAA Access to CPS Online will have a “50” resulting from a delayed match.

It is important that any pushed ISIR is reviewed to ensure that aid is disbursed properly.

Note: The June 30, 2016, deadline for 2015-2016 applications was not impacted by the SSS match issue since the CPS continued to process all applications received on a daily basis.

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