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Dropouts: The Cost is High

Whatever the reason a student chooses to walk away from an education – the statistics are clear: too many are dropping out.

For educators, there’s nothing more discouraging than witnessing the lost potential of students who will never gain the knowledge, skills and confidence that come with earning a degree or lay the crucial foundation that prepares them for personal and professional success.

The economic impact on the student – and on the college, university or vocational school – is great as well. Students who fail to finish a degree suffer from lower future incomes (up to half a million dollars) and are more likely to default on loans. High dropout rates not only erode the reputations of educational institutions and cause undue hardship on instructors, but directly lead to lower revenues and may jeopardize government-backed loans.

Early Warning Systems (EWS) Work

Using predictive analytics and automated data processing (or “machine learning”), Voyant can mine the vast amounts of data collected by FAME to uncover patterns of historical behavior. For example, do first-time post-secondary goers over the age of 20 drop out more often than other students? Which newly admitted students will succeed? How successful will a student be depending on their start times versus enrollment date?

Oftentimes, deciphering these relationships can be difficult and misleading, especially when the responsibility of determining which students are at risk is thrust upon the shoulders of busy instructors who most likely have no objective tools to do so. In fact, instructors report identifying student propensities to learn as one of their biggest concerns in the classroom.

Voyant can objectively, quickly and accurately sift through the data in real time and identify students in jeopardy in easy to read graphics (Figure 1). Voyant does the heavy lifting, allowing Instructors to focus on what they do best … teaching.

Voyant Analytics EWS: Clean, Real-Time Data on Each Student

Voyant Analytics is an Early Warning System software that uses predictive modeling to significantly increase the ability to accurately predict:

• Students at the highest risk of leaving school early

• Students at the highest risk of defaulting on loans

• Who among these students would benefit most from intervention

Using key demographics, Voyant Analytics accurately predicts 8 out of 10 dropouts (Figure 2). Voyant Analytics does so with the push of button through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard for administrators or an individual student list. Data is uploaded and Voyant Analytics quickly does the work – saving valuable time, resources, and money.

It’s a flexible program with real-time data, accuracy, and instant results that bring the numbers to life and allows schools to identify at-risk individuals sooner. Data will be uploaded weekly and variables can be changed to track new students – giving institutions the best chance at keeping that student on a path to success.
 By: Tim Golden

Contact us today to find out more about this integration, and how Voyant Analytics can save you valuable time and money!

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