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Important Reminders in Quarter 2-2014


Action:  The deadline date for a waiver of the Federal Work-Student Community Service requirement is April 25, 2014.  The deadline for an electronic submission of a school’s waiver request is 11:59 P.M. (ET) on Friday, April 25, 2014.

Action:  Institutions must submit any comments on the Gainful Employment (GE) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) by May 27, 2014 for official consideration in the final regulations that will be published on GE.

Action:  The Direct Loan closeout deadline for the 2012-2013 Program Year is Thursday, July 31, 2014.

Action:  As a result of the Subsidized Direct Loan 150% limit, schools are required to start reporting to NSLDS students’ enrollment information at the program level.  Schools may begin using ED’s new file layouts no sooner than April 14, 2014.  All schools must begin using the new file layouts no later than October 1, 2014.

Action:  The deadline for submitting the 2013-2014 Fiscal Operations Report and the 2015-2016 Application to Participate (together called the FISAP) have a deadline of October 1, 2014.

Action:  Effective January 1, 2015, all refunds of cash to ED will have to be made electronically via the G5 Web site.  Therefore, the last possible date for submitting refunds of DL cash to ED by paper check is December 31, 2014.


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