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ED’s Electronic Announcements on IFAP: ED SECURITY INITIATIVES


EA – Posted February 6, 2013 – (General).  Change to Login Process for All Federal Student Aid Systems Behind AIMS

The Financial Aid community is reminded of the change in the login process for FSA systems behind AIMS that began March 11, 2013.  This change simplifies the login process for such systems as eCampus-Based (eCB), eCDR Appeals, FAA Access to CPS Online, NSLDS Professional Access, and SAIG.  A further reminder is given regarding the changes that are also forthcoming in May 2013 in the COD system login process.  Those changes will allow for an updated AIMS access to COD similar to the changes made for the other FSA systems referenced above.  More information on this change will be provided in future announcements.

EA – Posted March 8, 2013 – (General).  COD WEB SITE ACCESS – March 2013 Enrollment Changes for COD Web Site Users

ED describes the enhanced enrollment process for users of the COD Web site effective March 11, 2013.  Users will be required to log in to the COD site using their FSA User ID and password in addition to the password generated by the Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) token.  With the phase implemented on March 11, some users were automatically enrolled for the COD Online Service.  Any school DPA of a TG number enrolled for COD Batch services (i.e., Direct Loan and/or Grant Services) was automatically enrolled for the COD Online Service. These DPAs should have received an e-mail from Federal Student Aid informing them the COD Online Service had been added.  All other domestic schools’ (schools inside the U.S.) users that were not automatically enrolled in the COD Online Service should be enrolled by the school’s Primary Destination Point Administrator (PDPA).  An attachment to this EA provides the necessary information to do so.

A COD Web site user must be enrolled for the COD Online Service and have an FSA User ID and password to access the COD Web site on or after May 4, 2013.  Schools should act immediately to ensure that all of their authorized users are enrolled for the COD Online Service or register for an FSA User ID if they have not already done so.

EA – Posted March 12, 2013 – (General).  Implementation of Federal Student Aid System Access Changes

This announcement brings attention to the fact that the AIMS login process change took place successfully on March 11, 2013 as referenced in the February 6, 2013 EA.  Also, with this system change, the first phase of necessary changes in preparation for the COD Online Service.  The access to COD on and after May 4, 2013 will require all users to be enrolled for the COD Online Service.  All COD users will also be required to have an FSA User ID and password to access the COD Online Service.




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