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Don’t forget! Constitution Day Reminder – Saturday, September 17, 2022

All Title IV eligible institutions are required to provide an educational program in conjunction with Constitution Day. Since September 17 falls on a Saturday this year, you can provide the program a few days before or after that date.

Although ED does not require or mandate a particular program or lesson plan to meet this requirement, it does make it clear that each institution that receives federal funds in the fiscal year is required to hold an educational program about the US Constitution for its students.

Some institutions just have students read the Constitution and discuss it, have teachers do a play, provide a simple test about the Constitution, watch a short video, etc.

Over the years, ED has developed, published, and updated, a list of resources to assist institutions in meeting this part requirement.

ED’s “Commemorating Constitution Day and Citizenship Day” Webpage

Live online events recommended by the Department:

Senate History: Establishment of Constitution Day

National Archives: Constitution Day

Also, you can use the internet to find several resources and suggestions to assist you in developing your Constitution Day/Citizenship Day program.

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