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HEERF II & III Funds Used to Pay Student Tuition and Fees Balance

Institutions are permitted to utilize HEERF II & III funds to pay down a student’s tuition and fees balance*, if the following are NOT true.

(1) condition the receipt of financial aid grants to students on continued or future enrollment in the institution,

(2) use the financial aid grants to satisfy a student’s outstanding account balance, *unless it has obtained the student’s voluntary, written (or electronic), affirmative consent, or

(3) require such consent as a condition of receipt of or eligibility for the financial aid grant.

Freedom Clients:  Please use the instructions below for posting these payments on the student’s ledger in order for it not to be included in the 90/10 calculation.  Please contact Customer Support if you require additional assistance.

  • The school must create a new Transaction Type in Freedom Maintenance, Transaction Types by clicking on white piece of paper in upper left corner.
    • Check the box for Active
    • Name – type ‘HEERF II’ or ‘HEERF III’
    • Description – type HEERF II or HEERF III Tuition/Fee balance
    • DR/CR – select Credit
    • Charge Type – select Payment
    • Check box 1098-T Eligible
    • PaymentCat9010 – select None

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