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FAQs About the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund

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  • Please provide clarification on how to disburse the Student Emergency Relief Grant funds . At first, it was 75% for PELL eligible and 25% non PELL eligible students. Now, after last week’s webinar, I am not longer sure and we have to report to the USDE how we will be distributing these funds.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

    • Sally Samuels says:

      Hi Maria,

      Sorry for any confusion. The 75%/25% division is the way the funds were calculated, so it was one of the ways that we suggested you divide the funds between the students, 75% to Pell eligible students, the other 25% to loan only or students enrolled in Title IV programs that meet all of the normal eligibility criteria but never applied for any Title IV students.

      The school has the flexibility to disburse funds anyway that they want to. Only the neediest students, amounts prorated based on EFC, or length of program enrolled in, , equally across the board, do a survey to see if circumstances have changed and then use PJ.

      The main thing is that you document amount each student received and how the award determination was made.

      Stay safe,


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