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Did you know that ED has a Program Integrity Questions and Answers (Q&A) Website?

The Website has Q&As applicable to each of the 10 major components of the Program Integrity regulations. The Q&A Website is available at The Q&As are a helpful tool to use to stay abreast of ED’s latest guidance related to the various topics of the Program Integrity regulations.

One of the most recent updates to the Website is in the section related to verification. The Q&As are divided into various topics. So that each subject’s Q&As are easily referenced, they have topic designators that lead the Q&A number. For example, “Introductory Verification Questions” have the Q&A numbers preceded with “IVR”; “Verification Items” have the Q&A numbers preceded by “VI”, etc.

The updates provided most recently include the verification requirements for students in the V5 Verification Tracking Group with an alternate expected family contribution (EFC). The alternate EFC calculations include the Automatic Zero EFC (Auto Zero EFC) and the Simplified Needs Test (SNT). The updated Q&A that pertains to this topic clarifies that for 2013-2014, any student with an Auto Zero EFC or an SNT that is in the V5 group must verify their high school completion status and identity/Statement of Educational Purpose, in addition to the other FAFSA/ISIR information listed under Q&A VI-A7. This updates the prior Q&A information, which was previously applicable to 2012-2013, to be consistent with the stipulated requirements for 2013-2014 highlighted in the Electronic Announcement of January 18, 2013.

Another update to the Q&As in the verification section is in the answer given in VI-A8. This answer provides the required text for 2013-2014 for the Statement of Educational Purpose that is applicable for verification purposes. This update gives the required text for Spanish speakers who must sign the Statement in person at the institution or with a notary public, as applicable.


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