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3 Tools To Streamline Your Institution’s Processes

FAME provides many services to lower costs, prevent errors, and make any higher education institution more efficient. Our software and solutions help manage financial aid processing – whether you want to automate or just occasional advice from our team of experts. We offer different methods such as our COMPASS program, our Financial Aid processing, and our personalized consulting services.


1) Regular Advice and Guidance with COMPASS

This subscription service is for schools that need occasional guidance and expert advice. COMPASS provides everything you need to know for full compliance concerning Title IV changes and regulations.

You will receive all FAME publications, including our Did You Know fact sheets, financial aid forms, and Regulatory Bulletins. Plus, access to our financial aid training and webinars on the most important topics that come up throughout the year.

We’ll also provide 3 hours every month of consulting support and an annual compliance check-up with a FAME expert to review Title IV processing changes, regulations, and guidelines. Our goal will be to ensure you have all the relevant information so your school can fully meet Title IV requirements.


2) Full-service Financial Aid Processing Software

Our financial aid software is designed to automate your financial aid processing. We can package our tools and services to the needs and requirements of institutions of any size and grow with you over time.

FAME’s Financial Aid Software is designed to:

◦        Minimize errors and exceptions with built-in compliance queues

◦        Maintain regulatory requirements to ensure you pass all audit reviews

◦        Shorten processing times so both students and the school receive funds faster

◦        Significantly reduce costs compared to an in-house solution

FAME’s mission is to process financial aid awards quickly. Our software can create regular reporting on many topics, determine student eligibility for financial aid, generate highly customizable student award packages across multiple years, keep general ledgers and bank statements, monitor authorization levels and eligibility for campus funding, prepare cash orders with amounts and due dates, and much more.

Last but certainly not least, our support team is ready to answer all customer service or financial aid questions. We provide training on the software, then alert you to any new policies, rule interpretations, and regulatory changes.


3) Answering Regulatory Questions with Consulting Services

The ad-hoc consult program is for schools that want an expert opinion with a personal touch. Our team members each have decades of experience and knowledge in financial aid. We do everything from reviewing student files for Federal Regulations compliance to providing full training programs on financial aid. Your consult team can be reached by phone or email to interpret new and changing regulations or answer all of your compliance questions.

Confused about Department of Education Title IV eligibility processes? A team member can guide you through everything you need to know, such as adding a location or branch, changes to an institution’s name or ownership, initial eligibility, and re-certification.

Want someone to visit your institution personally? Have one of our experts come by and review the operations and policies of your Financial Aid office, including procedures and cataloging. Then they’ll discuss their finding with you.


Depend On The Services Of FAME

Our services can fit institutions of any size and grow with you as needed. We’ve worked with thousands of different campuses, from big multi-campus institutions to small vocational schools, processing over a billion dollars in funds every year. Contact us to learn more!

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