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ED Electronic Announcements

ED’s Electronic Announcements (EAs) on IFAP: PROCESSING FOR 2013-2014 (FIR-Q3-2013)


EA – Posted April 5, 2013 – (Campus-Based).  Notification of Campus-Based Funding for the 2013-2014 Award Year

ED provides notice of the availability of the reports that list approved Campus-Based Funding levels by school in each State.  The announcement provides a link to the letter that has the reports as an attachment.

EA – Posted April 11, 2013 – (Application Processing).  Overview of April 2013 Enhancements to Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Web

If you have been in financial aid for a number of years, you may have always thought that once processing began for a year, that is the way things would be until the next processing year.  Well, you may be pleased to learn that ED does make enhancements after a processing year has begun.  Specifically, in this EA, ED provides the most recent enhancements made to FAFSA on the Web (FOTW).  One such enhancement made in April, 2013 is the implementation of the “MyStudentData” download functionality.  This feature allows students to download their FAFSA transactions (in English or Spanish).  Also, enhancements were made to the wording on the FOTW “Confirmation” and “My FAFSA” pages and the related e-mail texts associated with the guidance given on those pages.  Additionally, enhancements were made to the functionality related to the IRS Data Retrieval Tool’s (DRT) filtering questions.   These IRS DRT question enhancements are intended to provide clarity and perhaps reduce the number of questions individual applicants may have to answer.

Again, keep in mind that ED makes enhancements to FOTW throughout the year.  One upcoming enhancement that ED has given a preview of at the recent NASFAA Conference is that the IRS DRT process will be able to pull the “Income Earned from Work” total from the taxpayer’s tax return.  This is likely to be operational in September.  Look for more information to be shared in the near future.

EA – Posted May 1, 2013 – (Application Processing).  2013-2014 Federal School Code List of Participating Schools (May 2013)

The updated 2013-2014 Federal School Code List of Participating Schools is provided for schools to be able to review the information contained for their own school, as well as to use it as a tool in working with students and other schools in transfer situations, Pell Grant LEU scenarios, etc.  Schools should ensure that their institution’s data is kept current in the listing.  Any changes needing to be made to your institution’s information may be completed via the e-App.

EA – Posted June 4, 2013 – (General).  2013-2014 ISIR Analysis Tool Web Application Now Available

ED announces that the ISIR Analysis Tool for 2013-2014 is available.  This tool is designed for any school that wants to review and analyze its Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) data and better understand certain characteristics about its Title IV applicant population and verification process (either selected by the U.S. Department of Education or defined by the school).  Included with the Tool is a demonstration (demo) functionality which is also available on the FAA Access to CPS Online demo Web site.


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